What to do on Koh Chang? A small guide from DivingScool

A Diver's Guide To Koh Chang

Stay and relax at a seaside bungalow

A tropical dream getaway on Koh Chang


Experience the relaxing seaside atmosphere in one of the many different resorts, beach bungalows or huts Koh Chang has to offer.
There is a huge variety of accommodation available here on the island and for sure you will find something to your liking. Indulge yourself in the exotic scenery and learn the delights of the tropical beach life. In case you need any help finding accommodation have a look at our packages or you can contact us.
One thing is certain, Koh Chang is one of the last few paradises remaining and definitely worth a visit.

Dive and explore Koh Chang's wonderful coral reefs

enjoy diving around Koh Chang


Diving is one of the main activities on Koh Chang and we at DivingScool offer you a great variety of scuba diving and snorkelling trips. You have the choice to go diving and snorkelling in the morning or afternoon, from a luxurious purpose built speedboat.
Full daytrips are also available and can be organised for you. For the novice diver, our school offers all PADI courses and we take pride in providing the best possible personal service and attention that you need.

Here at DivingScool, we are committed to your comfort and enjoyment, which is why our instructors accompany you along your trips to provide safety and professional guidance.

Make a night dive and see the magic of fluorescent corals

Diving on Koh Chang


One of the most fascinating activities that you as a diver can do is night diving. As soon as the sun sets, the reefs undergo an extreme make-over. The same site you've dived during the day has turned into an almost completely different world.
Most of the fishes you've seen throughout the day are a sleep and now is the best time to see crabs, lobsters, and shrimps. Octopi come out and swim freely alongside hunting sharks and barracuda creating an amazing show.

But here at DivingScool we take it a step further and show you, as the only dive center on Koh Chang, the magic of fluorescent corals at our local reefs. Become amazed by the vast dimensions of this underwater lightshow and contact us for our next trip.

Enjoy an after-dive treatment @ BODIWORK, Koh Chang

Relaxing after a day of scuba diving around Koh Chang


Bodiwork Spa offers a wide range of spa indulgent packages and signature treatments that include holistic massage, aesthetic treatments, crystal spa therapy, slimming treatment, aroma Jacuzzi as well as fresh herbal steam, manicures and pedicures.

Our spa packages will completely restore mind and body after your day of diving. Bodiwork Spa therapists are professionally trained by Bodiwork Spa Academy.
All treatments and services are designed for those who would like to relax, to be pampered in safety and perhaps to learn more about Thai culture.

Elephant trekking in the beautiful Koh Chang jungle

Elephant trekking on Koh Chang


More info will soon follow

Go for a few beers and live music to Oodies, White Sand Beach

Entertainment after a day of diving around Koh Chang


Oodie's Place is a restaurant, music bar at the north end of White Sand Beach on Koh Chang that offers a good variety of French, Italian and Thai dishes. Many people don't just come here for dinner, they also come for the music! Here you can enjoy good music by a cold beer.
Every evening you can listen to live music performed by the house band, which will play the best of Reggae, Rock and love songs. When the owner Oodie is on stage you will hear world class Blues and Rock n'Roll. In the back of Oodie's Bar there is a pool table where you can play for free. Sure worth a visit when you're in the neighbourhood.

Discover Koh Chang's pristine jungle

Jungle trekking on Koh Chang


When staying on Koh Chang a jungle trip is definitely something you should consider doing. Pristine rain forest covers almost 75% of the island, making it a true eco paradise. The jungle is home to a huge variety of wild plants and animals, some of them are endemic to the island.
Koh Chang is ideal for jungle trekking and forest walks and it offers some breathtaking scenery both inland and from the mountain tops.
There are several local guides who offer professional tours, which start from almost every beach on the island, covering different jungle trails. They will organise your trip and provide you with a professional explanation about the local fauna and flora.
Contact us if you're interested in a jungle trekking from a specific beach and we will arrange the local guide for you.

Look at the magic sunsets at Nature Beach

Beautiful sunset after a days diving around Koh Chang


There is nothing better than watching a magnificent sunset while enjoying an exotic cocktail. So head over to Nature Beach Resort in Lonely Beach and spend a late, lazy afternoon on the beach.
Treat yourself to a refreshing, tasteful cocktail, lay back and observe one of the most colourful sunsets you will encounter.

After sunset the cooks from the resort light the barbeque and you can have some freshly grilled scallops, prawns or a nice little red snapper on your plate in no time.

Other Thai dishes and a good range of European food are served here as well at democratic prices. Definitely something you should put on your To-do list.

Take a Thai cooking class at KATI-Culinairy

Cooking at KATI Culinary Koh Chang


Choose three of your favorite Thai dishes and learn them to cook yourself in a four to five hour session. Before the actual cooking you will make a tour to a local (little) market.
Here you will learn about the ingredients, essential herbs and vegetables used in Thai cooking and you get to see a different side to Thai culture.
Your knowledge of Thai food will increase while you are actually learning by doing, rather than by watching pictures in a recipes book. At the end you walk away with a full stomach and you got some new recipes to show off to your friends back home.
More information as well as booking a class can be obtained by contacting us.

Visit Koh Chang's untouched East side

The beautiful East side of Koh Chang


If you want to see the real Koh Chang, hire a jeep or a motorbike and drive around the whole island and you will find that the east coast is much undeveloped and sparsely populated.
Once you've passed the ferry the road swirls close to the sea and you will have some magnificent view points looking out over the mainland with its mountain range and Cambodia in the distance.
This side of the island is home to a number of fruit and rubber plantations and close to Salakkok you will find a couple of shrimp farms as well.
The bays of Salakkok and Salakphet are definitely worth wile a visit. They both house big mangrove forests and you can hire a kayak there to explore these wonderful eco systems.

A bit further south you find the fishing village of Salakpeth where you have a wonderful view over the bay and you can enjoy fresh seafood in one of the typical restaurants.

Contact us if you need more information about renting a car or motorbike or if you want to take a guide in the mangroves.

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